-Victoria Emery

D-Tension Fitness has helped me out a lot through my fitness journey. Continues support and motivation. I am glad I took the opportunity to work with Daniel. He helped get me to my goal weight through nutrition, motivation and challenging exercise routines. Definitely influenced me through out this journey. I started at 295Lbs and I am now at 202Lbs. I have definitely seen crazy results working w/ Daniel. I appreciate all the time and effort he has put into creating a better me. 

-Daniel Hernandez / G.1.S.

Over my 27 years of living. I have always put up with my self being a big guy. I grew to be comfortable with it. It was just my personality. It was who I was and how my friends and family knew me. There had came a turning point in my life when I noticed myself having trouble breathing and not to mention tipping the scale over 310 Lbs. So I told myself "ok Gil its time to change your life around." I needed help, guidance, answers and results. So I turned to a great friend of mine Daniel Salinas for guidance. Daniel guided me through correct work outs and to the most important factor (clean eating). From eating out countless times a week. To clean home cooked meals. Was not the easiest transition, but through faith and will power and the motivation of D-Tension Fitness it was all made possible. To this day I have nowlost 86 Lbs over the past 12 months. I thank D-Tension Fitness' work out and eating schedule for all the progress I've made and ongoing motivation.

-Gilbert Sierraz

Last summer I set out a goal to lose 30 pounds. It was a bit of an exaggeration but D-Tension Fitness actually made that possible. The work outs were different each day, making it challenging yet exciting because I always had a new work out to try. With D-Tension Fitness I was able to lose weight and and get my mile time down. With weekly motivational emails and nutritional guidance Daniel made losing weight easier than I expected. Not only have I lost weight but Ive learned how to  keep it off because of what I learned at boot camps.

-Desirae Pica



-Vanessa Concetti

-Kielly Garcia

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-Daniel Salinas

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-Monica Sanchez Lopez

​-Akshay Aggarwal

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